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China Ontario needs workers’ choice Taking on the Locavores

China’s Social Media Challenge: Censorship

by Wei X. Lu Microblogging has now become the most popular social networking tool onChina’s media landscape. Its compelling power is particularly reflected in recent coverage of the Neo-Maoist Chongqing leader Bo Xilai’s sudden downfall. Bo Xilai’s “Chonqqing Model” for development had attracted much attention; but so has the alleged involvement of his wife in the […]

Ontario needs workers’ choice

by Randy Hillier  From Timiskaming to Niagara, fromThunder BaytoOttawa,Ontariohas legislation that denies individuals one of their most basic human rights. We have legislation that unemploys or underemploys thousands and that erodes the productivity ofOntario. Whether you believe it came from Pierre Trudeau’s Charter or a God-given right, you are endowed with the right of freedom […]

Taking on the Locavores

By Pierre Desrochers and  Hiroko Shimizu  Food production and distribution is a complex business, so let us begin by making the obvious point that not all “local” food is created equal and that some of it is perfectly fine with us. For instance, New Hampshire maple syrup, California strawberries, Alaskan salmon and crabs, Washington apples, Florida […]

What’s “American-style” free speech?

What’s “American-style” free speech?

19 June 2012

 by Gerry Nicholls The Toronto Star’s Haroon Siddiqui recently came up with a baffling argument to defend Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. Section 13, of course, is the controversial law which gives the Canadian Human Rights Commission the legal right to annoy Ezra Levant. But that’s not all. Lots of people also believe Section 13 […]

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Charities Silenced by the Taxman

04 June 2012

by Gerry Nicholls If there’s any branch of the federal government that should top the “hate list” for Canadian conservatives it has to be the Canada Revenue Agency. Which charities get the most foreign cash? Not those on Tory hit list CRA audits charitable status of Tides Canada amid Tory attack Tory rhetoric creates chilly […]

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When the Charter Failed

17 April 2012

by Gerry Nicholls I hate to throw cold water on all the hoopla associated with 30th anniversary of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but it should be remembered that this document has sometimes failed to protect individual rights. There are four cases in particular that spring to my mind: Forced Union Dues Merv Lavigne […]

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Baseball and Castro

10 April 2012

by Gerry Nicholls Editor’s Note: If you haven’t heard the news, Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen landed in hot water recently when he praised former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.  Of course, his has caused a stir in south Florida. At any rate, this story reminded me of an column I wrote years and years go, that […]

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Using American-style tricks an insult to Canadian pride

22 March 2012

by Gerry Nicholls Thanks to crack investigative reporting and to first-rate Opposition party research a disturbing detail has emerged regarding the robocall scandal. It turns out using fraudulent and irritating phone calls to annoy and misdirect voters is actually an “American-style” trick. NDP MP Pat Martin first broke this alarming news when he fumed: “These […]

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The Sky Has Limits: What’s Thwarting Online Learning in Schools?

24 February 2012

 By Paul W. Bennett Ontario’s flagship program, e-Learning Ontario, proclaims that “The sky is the limit!” in its marketing message, but the reality is markedly different.  Online learning is very much in vogue, considering Apple’s announcement that it is entering into the textbook industry. As a brand new Canadian study, commissioned by the Toronto-based Society for […]

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